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2016-07-25 06:07 pm


 so regretful..because of ruining everything..even worst, what comes next is really unimaginable..why i still keep going on this road..maybe just because of my pride 
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2012-11-18 08:52 pm

public health~

  kobanwa, fauchii desu~~

tomorrow i have to report on duty at Cilandak as dr. of public doki doki, even my status in intern not clear yet...panikku cha yo!..hahahaa 

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2011-08-12 01:37 pm


i have to pass this test...Ya Allah...don't  make any station less then 45..its should be greater then 80...amin...i wanna return home with big smile on my face
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2011-04-09 03:15 pm

2nd cycle

today, i still feel sad about yesterday's failure....sleep all morning & ignore naz's call...huhu

just now i'm going out for fotocopy notes...InsyaAllah, this evening i will hang out with Nisa at 5pm, going to Hanan & maybe tonite sleeping tomorrow starting to study interna...yosh, gamba!

not to forget, borrow Ain's note...